The Karnataka Milk Federation has accorded highest priority for the quality of milk and milk products. Hence, the holistic approach of “Quality Excellence from Cow to Consumer” has been adopted, wherein constant efforts to improve quality at all stages of milk production, procurement, processing and marketing are being made. The Quality Control Division is attempting to facilitate these quality management and improvement processes by carrying out the following activities –


1.       Monitoring the quality of milk and milk products being marketed by the Unions and Units of the Federation.

2.       Monitoring the in-process parameters and hygiene in Unions and Units for quality assurance of finished products.

3.       Developing quality standards for packaging materials, detergents, sanitizers and other consumables required by the Federation and its Unions.

4.       Calibration of testing materials required for quality control of milk and milk products in Unions.

5.  Assessing quality of packaging materials and other consumable during purchase tendering process and during usage.

6. Creation of In-house testing facilities for nutritional parameters and other specialized quality parameters for the benefit of the Unions.

7. Conducting quality awareness programs, in association with Central Training Institutes of the Federation, to develop quality improvement culture.

8. Dissemination of information on Quality Management to promote quality of processes and products in the Federation and in its Unions/Units.

9. Attending consumer complaints and market sample testing of milk and milk products to assess the quality while being marketed.


The Quality Control Division of the Federation is playing a vital role in monitoring and ensuring the quality of Milk and Milk Products, being marketed under ‘NANDINI’ brand name. This division is striving to develop into a dynamic Quality Management Resource Center for developing quality culture in the member Unions and the Federation.